The world’s first low carbon, low waste spirits and wine distribution technology

The world’s first low-carbon, low-waste spirits and wine distribution technology


The World's First Low Carbon, Low Waste Spirits Distribution Technology

ecoSPIRITS is a circular economy technology company that has developed the world’s first low carbon, low waste packaging technology for premium spirits and wine. Our patent-pending closed loop system nearly eliminates all packaging waste in the supply chain. By dramatically reducing packaging and transport, ecoSPIRITS provides both a powerful cost advantage and a transformative carbon footprint reduction.


To end single use glass in the spirits and wine industry by leading a transition to circular packaging technology.


A new Intelligent Circular vision for the circular economy solutions that delivers unprecedented efficiency, scalability, and cost effectiveness by fusing hardware and software innovation.

How does it work?

Our circular packaging technology follows this closed loop system:

Our Team

Over the years, ecoSPIRITS has evolved into a talented team of dedicated people, operating from five offices around the world.

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