The World's First Low Carbon, Low Waste Spirits Distribution Technology

ecoSPIRITS is an innovative closed-loop distribution system that nearly eliminates packaging waste in the premium spirits supply chain. By dramatically reducing packaging and transport costs, ecoSPIRITS provides both a powerful cost advantage and a transformative carbon footprint reduction.

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By partnering with ecoSPIRITS, spirit producers, distributors and hospitality operators can save costs and reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

  • The world produces around 40 billion glass spirit bottles annually, generating 22 million tons of carbon emissions
  • With each bottle eliminated, ecoSPIRITS saves at least 550 grams of carbon emissions
  • This means each cocktail or spirits pour saves 30 grams of emissions


tons of emissions in 2020


emissions saved per bottle


emissions saved per cocktail

ecoSPIRITS delivers a major reduction in beverage waste from bars, restaurants, and hotels. That means less glass and cardboard in local landfills. And consumers can do their part by drinking green.

Paul Gabie, Chief Executive Officer, ecoSPIRITS