End of Life Recycling Guidelines

ecoTOTEs are designed with replaceable parts to ensure long lifespans in closed loop service. ecoSPIRITS stocks a full complement of these replacement parts. ecoTOTEs should be inspected regularly and any damaged components should be replaced each time they pass through your ecoPLANT.

Should any ecoTOTE component (or an entire ecoTOTE) be deemed as no longer fit for use, we request that the Licensed Operator work with local recycling operators to recycle ecoTOTEs and ecoTOTE components that have reached end-of-life. This “100% recycling” is in keeping with circular economy principles.

Please note that an ecoTOTE will require minor disassembly by removing the rivets connecting the internal chassis from the external plastic enclosure to separate the materials for recycling. The major constituent materials of the ecoTOTE are as follows:

  1. ecoTOTE 4.5L Glass Insert – Glass
  2. ecoTOTE External Enclosure – HDPE Plastic
  3. ecoTOTE Internal Chassis – Aluminium Metal
  4. ecoTOTE Cap – HDPE/PC/PP Plastic

All four materials are fully recyclable.

If you have any questions about ecoTOTE end-of-life and recycling, please do not hesitate to reach out to your ecoSPIRITS technical lead.