ecoSPIRITS Ocean Program

One kilogram of ocean waste is collected for each Bermuda Gin Co White Roof Gin & Tonic cocktail or Goslings Rum Dark & Stormy cocktail you order at the Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club, through the ecoSPIRITS closed loop network. Waste recovery is run by local organisations in developing markets to create valuable employment.

Powered by Green Steps Group’s proprietary “proof of impact” technology platform. Waste recovery efforts are verified, monitored, and reported through an industry-leading digital trail.

Helps ecoSPIRITS partner venues enhance the positive environmental impact of their beverage operations.

Plastic, glass and other human -originated wastes, from endangered marine environments. Ocean waste recovery is funded by ecoSPIRITS and our distribution and brand partners.

Before and after photos from an eS Oceans Program beach cleanup operation in Zanzibar, Tanzania


Our East Africa Site

The eS Oceans Program’s first local operations have been established in Zanzibar, an island archipelago off the coast of Tanzania in East Africa. Bermuda is the first island nation to participate in the ecoSPIRITS Ocean Program

The cleanup takes place in Bwawani Beach and on the waterfront of the ruins of Maruhubi Palace, which are located a few kilometres north of Zanzibar town.

Working with local village cooperatives, the eS Oceans Program offers meaningful employment opportunities to residents of low income areas, creating social upliftment and environment regeneration. Through regular cleanup initiatives, the local community benefit from consistent remuneration and training on conservatorship of natural resources.

About ecoSPIRITS Ocean Program

The ecoSPIRITS Oceans Program complements the ecoSPIRITS Forest Program for island nations that are most at risk from rising sea levels due to climate change. Highlighted by the striking blue Ocean Conservation Edition ecoTOTE, each order of an ecoTOTE by venue partners in participating islands nations funds the removal of one kilogram of single use plastic, glass and other man-made wastes from endangered, coral reefs and waters. Using Green Steps Group’s proprietary “proof of impact” technology platform, cleanup operations are verified, monitored and reported through an industry-leading digital record. Ocean waste recovery benefits the venue partners, but is jointly funded by ecoSPIRITS and our Climate Partner brands and distributors. 

About Green Steps Group

Green Steps is Singapore-based technology start-up, which provides management and governance for impact foundations whilst providing verification and visibility to organisations seeking to integrate positive environmental impact into their products and services. Using a proprietary platform that combines proof of impact, geotagging, map visibility and remote sensor growth tracking , Green Steps monitors projects at a granular level. Whether it is tracking the planting of individual trees in reforestation projects or monitoring ocean waste recovery projects at a kilogram by kilogram level, Green Steps will provide visibility of environmental impact, community upliftment and biodiversity regeneration for your company and brand. 

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About ecoSPIRITS

Founded in 2018, ecoSPIRITS is a circular economy technology company that has developed the world’s first low carbon, low waste packaging technology for the premium spirits and wine industry. Leveraging business as a force for good, ecoSPIRITS provides both a powerful cost advantage and a transformative carbon footprint reduction. Under the ecoSPIRITS Licensed Operator Program, the ecoSPIRITS patent-pending, closed-loop technology is licensed in 18 countries, including many of the world’s largest consumer markets, and almost 1,000 leading venues worldwide. The ecoSPIRITS Climate Partner Program is a global coalition of hundreds of brands, distributors, wholesalers and hospitality operators committed to reducing the environmental impact of their operations. ecoSPIRITS serves its customer base from offices in Singapore, Shanghai, London and Miami. 

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