BANGKOK 7 November 2022 ecoSPIRITS is strengthening its relationship with Rosewood Hotels & Resorts by working more closely with two high profile destinations in the Rosewood Asia portfolio: Hong Kong and Bangkok. This is the second consecutive year ecoSPIRITS has worked with Rosewood Hong Kong, and the first year working with the luxury hotel group in Bangkok. The unique collaboration comprises a range of premium spirits from ecoSPIRITS’ Climate Partners in ecoTOTE format, which are then showcased on a creative ecoCOCKTAILS menu in the properties’ flagship bars. Each menu features a collection of special low waste cocktails made using upcycled and otherwise sustainable ingredients. This expanded partnership in Asia builds on ecoSPIRITS collaborations with other Rosewood luxury properties around the world, including London, United Kingdom; Hamilton, Bermuda; and Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

ecoCOCKTAILS II: a video collaboration by Rosewood Hotels and ecoSPIRITS in Hong Kong and Bangkok.

As part of Rosewood’s commitment to waste reduction, ecoSPIRITS‘ low carbon, low waste technology has been introduced throughout eight of Rosewood Hong Kong’s bars, restaurants, and lounges, matched by a similar number in Rosewood Bangkok. The partnership supports Rosewood Hotels’ ambitious Green Initiative, supported by its ‘VERDES’ pledge: ‘To Value the Earth’s Resources and Demonstrate Environmental Sensitivity’. By committing to sustainable practices throughout the business the group aims to ‘Embrace a Sense of Place’, which looks at respecting each venue’s unique setting; ‘Provide Ultimate Hospitality’, whereby it offers ultra-luxurious accommodation while showing consideration for the environment; ‘Nurture Nature’, which relates to all areas of energy efficiency and waste reduction; and ‘Educate and Dedicate’, incorporating issues such as sustainability training for staff.

Rosewood Hong Kong

Rosewood Bangkok

The Bangkok and Hong Kong hotels are celebrating their focus on sustainability by launching a special menu of ‘ecoCOCKTAILS carefully curated by the creative forces behind two of Rosewood Hotels’ most acclaimed bars: Simone Rossi, Director of Bars at DarkSide at Rosewood Hong Kong and Giuseppe Carneli, Bars Manager at Lennon’s at Rosewood Bangkok. DarkSide Bar is a cocktail parlour featuring retro cocktails and an extensive library of rum, whiskies, and calvados. The elaborate menu, spearheaded by Rossi, contributed to its recognition as number 13 in the list of Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2022. Lennon’s sits on the top floor of Rosewood Bangkok. To enter, guests walk through a vinyl shop, housing around 6,000 records, while the bar itself has floor-to-ceiling glass and a spiral staircase leading to a cigar lounge. The drinks list, curated by Carneli, features rare whiskies, Thai cocktails, and signature serves.

DarkSide at Rosewood Hong Kong

Simone Rossi, Director of Bars, Rosewood Hong Kong

Our ecoCOCKTAILS II menu maximises our waste reduction by giving ingredients a second chance and it also creates incredible tipples for our patrons, so it’s a sustainable win-win for both bar and guests. It is also exciting to be able to continue our collaboration with ecoSPIRITS and bring it to new heights by involving – and working closely with – our Rosewood Bangkok sister property.

Lennon’s at Rosewood Bangkok

Giuseppe Carneli, Bars Manager, Rosewood Bangkok

This year, we introduced an all-new cocktail menu that puts sustainability at the forefront. This partnership with ecoSPIRITS enables us to go even further with the world’s first closed–loop spirits technology to reduce our carbon footprint and eliminate waste at the same time.

James Wynn-Williams, Sales Manager, Asia Pacific, ecoSPIRITS

Rosewood Hotels & Resorts have been wonderful partners in helping reduce single use glass waste by embracing the ecoSPIRITS technology. From Hong Kong to Bangkok to London to Bermuda, individual Rosewood Hotels are showcasing remarkable beverage creations using sustainable spirits in ecoTOTE format. I personally cannot wait to experience these latest collaborations on the ecoCOCKTAILS II menu at Rosewood Hong Kong and Rosewood Bangkok.

The partnership between ecoSPIRITS and the two hotels will eliminate hundreds of single use glass bottles each year, subsequently reducing the landfill waste in both Bangkok and Hong Kong, while saving an average of 30g of carbon emissions per cocktail. For cocktails ordered from the new ecoCOCKTAILS II menu ecoSPIRITS, its spirits partners, and Rosewood Hotels, will plant one tree for every ecoTOTE ordered by the hotels, as part of the ecoSPIRITS Forest Program. This not only extends the collaboration to consumer participation, but it delivers supplemental carbon emissions offsets, improves biodiversity, and supports the local community in the endangered rainforest and mangrove areas in Thailand and Indonesia. Rosewood Hong Kong and Bangkok’s reforestation and C02 impact will be made available to hotel guests through the ecoSPIRITS Forest Program’s unique ‘proof of planting’ digital interface.

Click to see the area of forest dedicated to Rosewood in real time:

Crafted ecoCOCKTAILS by Rosewood Hong Kong

DarkSide has three ecoCOCKTAILS on its menu, made using locally sourced ingredients and recycled materials, such as banana skins, from the hotel’s bars and restaurants. The cocktails are:

The ecoLADA

A floral interpretation of a Pina Colada, the ecoLADA is made with low-waste Plantation Dark rum infused with Rosewood bars’ surplus coconut oil and leftover salted lime cordial. This is then mixed with homemade, low waste Tried & True Vodka, infused with pineapple skin and pandan.

The ecoFFEE

The ecoFFEE is the the bar’s version of an espresso martini, but with a lighter and fruitier approach. It is concocted from a distillation of low waste Widges Gin and reused coffee grounds, clarified orange stock yielded from whole leftover oranges, and homemade Banana Oleo Saccharum macerated from banana skins.

The eco Salty Citrus Cooler

This refreshing mocktail is made using all citrus remnants from Rosewood’s kitchens and bars. This mix is then blended with vinegar and hot water to preserve their taste and to create a sharp-flavoured citrus stock. This is then combined with ‘salty citrus kombucha’, made in collaboration with local producer Taboocha.

Crafted ecoCOCKTAILS by Rosewood Bangkok

Lennon’s ecoCOCKTAILS menu comprises three carefully crafted drinks, made using locally sourced ingredients and complemented by ecoSPIRITS’ low-waste technology. The three drinks are:

The ecoMALI

A twist on the French 75, the ecoMALI is made with T&T Vodka, Kosapan Jasmine Botanicals, and re-carbonated Champagne. The latter is made by using Champagne, which has lost its carbonation. The cocktail team mix it with raspberries and various acids and then it is carbonated in-house.

The ecoKOKO

This cocktail, which is named after the Thai word for cacao, is made using the Kosapan Cacao Botanical, grown in the south of the country. A key ingredient is Plantation Original Dark, which adds body as well as sweetness. This is then blended with Coffee and Passionfruit Kombucha, made in partnership with Sea’s Kombucha.

The ecoSOM

The ecoSOM is made using Widges Gin and Kosapan Orange Liquor. The cocktail team also wanted to include one of Thailand’s many mango varieties and so this recipe also features a hint of lacto-fermented mango honey.

The ecoCOCKTAILS are available now at the two Rosewood hotels. For more information about Rosewood Hong Kong and DarkSide bar, contact [email protected] and for enquiries about Rosewood Bangkok and Lennon’s, contact [email protected]. To find out more about ecoSPIRITS in Asia, contact James Wynn Williams, Sales Manager Asia Pacific, on [email protected] and for general enquiries about the company please email [email protected]

About Rosewood Bangkok

Rosewood Bangkok is a dramatic landmark in the capital’s skyline, honouring rich Thai culture while celebrating the cutting-edge creativity and contemporary design ethos of the dynamic city. Rosewood Bangkok is a 30-storey, visually stunning, vertical architectural marvel. Its contemporary form is inspired by the wai, the famous Thai gesture of greeting. Rosewood Bangkok has been recognized as one of the very best places to stay by the world’s leading organizations.

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About Rosewood Hong Kong

Soaring over Victoria Harbour, Rosewood Hong Kong is a new centre of gravity on the Kowloon waterfront – the crown jewel of the Victoria Dockside arts and design district. On passing the gate and traversing the cobblestoned drive, the urban din falls away, revealing lush topiary and a serene forecourt that commands the harbour. A warm welcome heralds a stay of unparalleled comfort and distinctive hospitality at the Hong Kong luxury hotel.

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About the ecoSPIRITS Forest Program

The ecoSPIRITS Forest Program helps ecoSPIRITS’ venue partners generate additional carbon mitigation beyond the substantial carbon footprint reduction from their use of the ecoSPIRITS circular packaging technology. Under the program, one tree is planted for each cycle of an ecoTOTE through the ecoSPIRITS closed loop network.Each tree planted is geo-tagged in the name of the partner venue. Using Green Steps Groups proprietary proof of impact technology platform, the program is verified, monitored, and reported through an industry-leading digital record. Tree planting benefits the venue partners but is jointly funded by ecoSPIRITS and our Climate Partner brands and distributors.

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About ecoSPIRITS

ecoSPIRITS is a circular economy technology company that has developed the world’s first low carbon, low waste distribution technology for premium spirits and wine. Our patent-pending closed loop system nearly eliminates all packaging waste in the supply chain. By dramatically reducing packaging and transport, ecoSPIRITS provides both a powerful cost advantage and a transformative carbon footprint reduction. Founded in Singapore in 2018, the ecoSPIRITS technology is now available in more than 14 countries and 30 cities across Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas. More than 1,000 leading bars, restaurants, hotels, and retailers have adopted the technology, including Michelin-starred restaurants, World’s 50 Best and Asia’s 50 Best bars and iconic hotels. ecoSPIRITS is now rapidly building a global network of closed loop service, with coverage to grow to 25 countries worldwide by early 2023. Together with our brand partners, importers, distributors, wholesalers, venues, and retailers, we are already making a difference. Each year, ecoSPIRITS and our partners are eliminating hundreds of tons of single use glass waste, planting tens of thousands of trees, and inspiring others to change.