VICTORIA 14 March 2022 ecoSPIRITS announced today that it has signed a Licensed Operator Agreement for ecoSPIRITS Seychelles with Trois Frères Distillery, the producers of Takamaka Rum. The new partnership will bring circular spirits packaging technology to another island market at risk from rising sea levels and climate change. As part of the collaboration, Takamaka Rum will join the ecoSPIRITS Climate Partner Program and become available across their home market in ecoTOTEformat. The partnership for the Seychelles builds on ecoSPIRITS upcoming launch in Bermuda, proving the appeal of circular spirits in markets both large and small around the world.

An archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is home to numerous beaches, coral reefs and nature reserves, as well as rare animals such as giant Aldabra tortoises. With a population of 98,400, the islands are a vibrant tourist destination famous for their mountain rain forests and iconic beaches. Like other island nations around the world, Seychelles has already experiencing the impacts of climate change. These include the disappearance of most of the giant tortoises from the granitic islands, the felling of coastal and mid-level forests, and the extinction of unique species such as the Seychelles parakeet and the saltwater crocodile. As a result, Seychelles has emerged as a world leader protecting lands and waters for threatened species, designating 42% of its territory for conservation.

The Seychelles has dedicated almost half of its territory to conservation to protect endangered marine and land species

Founded in Seychelles in 2000, Takamaka Rum widely regarded as the ‘spirit of the Seychelles’ and is the market leader in the local spirits industry. A family-owned and operated producer, Takamaka Rum is on a mission to put the Seychelles on the world rum map by producing locally inspired rums to capture the spirit and uniqueness of Seychelles itself. Each rum bottle is filled with the character of these unique islands, their local craftsmanship and their people.

Takamaka's Seychelles bottlings are expressions of the tropical archipelago

Takamaka's St. Andre bottlings showcase the Seychelles' rich heritage & Creole traditions

As the newest ecoSPIRITS Licensed Operator, Takamaka Rum has taken delivery of ecoPLANT No. 28, which will be sited on the main island of Mahé. ecoSPIRITS Seychelles will launch closed loop service in April 2022, serving the bars, restaurants and hotels across Seychelles archipelago as well as other spirits brands, distributors, and wholesalers under the ecoSPIRITS Climate Partner Program.Distribution of Takamaka Rum in ecoTOTEformat in the Seychelles will dramatically reduce the brand’s environmental footprint, eliminating an estimated 91.4% of the carbon emissions associated with the packaging and distribution of this rum, or 494g of C02e per bottle.

The Trois Frères Rum Distillery in the Seychelles

ecoPLANT No. 028 will be sited in Mahé and operated by Takamaka Rum

ecoSPIRITS Seychelles will be the second market worldwide to join the ecoSPIRITS Ocean Program, which uses the limited edition Ocean Conservation Edition ecoTOTEand funds an ocean waste recovery program managed by Green Steps Group, ecoSPIRITS’ global C02 mitigation partners. Under the ecoSPIRITS Oceans Program, each order of an Ocean Conservation Edition ecoTOTE by venue partners funds the removal of one kilogram of single use plastic, glass and other man-made waste from protected beaches, coral reefs and waters. The ecoSPIRITS Oceans Program’s first local operations have been established in Zanzibar, an island archipelago off the coast of Tanzania in East Africa. The first beach cleanup operation under the ecoSPIRITS Oceans Program was conducted by Green Steps Group and their local partners in February 2022.

A local beach conservation team at work in Zanzibar, with funding from the ecoSPIRITS Oceans Program

The ecoTOTE 3.0S Ocean Conservation Edition

Richard d’Offay, Managing Director, Trois Frères Distillery, Seychelles

The Seychelles, as a small island nation, have taken amazing strides to protect and sustain the archipelago’s ecosystems. Our role as a local business must be to support those ideals. The introduction of ecoSPIRITS, minimising single use glass while directly contributing to the conservation of beaches and marine environments, we believe is the type of action that delivers on those goals. We all have a responsibility to take action.

Zdenek Kastanek, International Sales Director, ecoSPIRITS

ecoSPIRITS has long been mindful of the special impact that single glass use packaging for spirits and the associated carbon emissions are having on island nations. As we continue to add island markets to the ecoSPIRITS global network, ecoSPIRITS will work alongside our Licensed Operators like Takamaka Rum to have a positive impact by reducing local packaging waste and restoring marine environments. We will also continue to use our voice in the industry to call attention to the impact that single use glass packaging in larger markets is having on these fragile island ecosystems.

Bars, restaurants, hotels, distributors and brands that are interested in joining the ecoSPIRITS Climate Partner Program in Seychelles can get in touch via email at Media inquiries for ecoSPIRITS may be directed to [email protected]. Inquiries for Takamaka Rum can be sent to [email protected].

About Takamaka Rum

Family owned, Takamaka was founded by two brothers twenty years ago who have built the brand into the number one spirit on the island nation. Bernard and Richard d’Offay set out to create rums that capture the spirit of the Seychelles, with its diverse flavours and laid-back attitude, which they and their fellow islanders would enjoy. They didn’t follow an industry blueprint, instead using what means they had available to them to create their liquid. 20 years later, the brothers now produce a portfolio of premium rums that are enjoyed around the world, capturing the unique and undiscovered flavours of their remote, tropical island home in the Indian Ocean.

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