ecoSPIRITS Releases Intelligent Circular Roadmap, With Industry Leader Diageo as Launch Customer

SINGAPORE 19 April 2022 ecoSPIRITS released today a roadmap for an Intelligent Circular™ future in closed loop spirits and wine. Diageo, a global leader in beverage alcohol, will be the launch customer for ecoSPIRITS’ newest smart technologies in a pilot collaboration in Southeast Asia, with the view of a later rollout across the Asia Pacific region. The collaboration will feature two of Diageo’s leading spirit brands, Smirnoff Vodka and Captain Morgan Rum. ecoSPIRITS’ Intelligent Circular vision will transition its existing portfolio of circular hardware innovation into a global platform of Internet of Things (IoT) hardware, software and data. The Intelligent Circular roadmap is designed to bring circular spirits and wine to new levels of scale, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Under the roadmap, ecoSPIRITS’ core hardware portfolio the ecoPLANT, ecoTOTE and SmartPourare being upgraded with IoT capability, sensing, tracking and smart features and integrated with a new CircularONEsoftware platform. This fusion of hardware and software innovation will dramatically improve closed loop performance. The upgrades will also enable the entire circular platform to generate valuable operational and commercial data for the system usersthe growing network of brands, importers, distributors, wholesalers and hospitality venues that make up the ecoSPIRITS Climate Partner Program.

ecoSPIRITS’ expanded portfolio of hardware & software technologies

The first technology release under the Intelligent Circular roadmap is the ecoSPIRITS SmartPour 2.0S, a patent-pending, intelligent dispense solution that is WiFi-enabled and powered by CircularONE. The SmartPour 2.0S offers ecoTOTE tracking, supply chain authentication, depletion reporting, and other smart features. Designed to completely enclose an ecoTOTE 3.0S and offer accurate, one-button spirit pours, the SmartPour 2.0S features an aluminium casing, warm LED lighting, and an LCD display screen. The overall aesthetic and functionality makes the SmartPour 2.0S suitable for front-of-house environments in hospitality venues, offering compelling co-branding opportunities to brand partners.

The new SmartPour 2.0S, Smirnoff Vodka & Captain Morgan Rum Editions

The first technology release under the Intelligent Circular roadmap is the ecoSPIRITS SmartPour 2.0S, a patent-pending, intelligent dispense solution that is WiFi-enabled and powered by CircularONE. The SmartPour 2.0S offers ecoTOTE tracking, supply chain authentication, depletion reporting, and other smart features. Designed to completely enclose an ecoTOTE 3.0S and offer accurate, one-button spirit pours, the SmartPour 2.0S features an aluminium casing, warm LED lighting, and an LCD display screen. The overall aesthetic and functionality makes the SmartPour 2.0S suitable for front-of-house environments in hospitality venues, offering compelling co-branding opportunities to brand partners.

The new SmartPour 2.0S, Smirnoff Vodka & Captain Morgan Rum Editions

As part of the collaboration with Diageo, ecoSPIRITS will deploy the new SmartPour 2.0S first in Bali and Jakarta in Indonesia to select bars, restaurants and hotels with two of Diageo’s leading spirit brands before expanding to other Southeast Asia markets and wider Asia Pacific. Both the new SmartPour 2.0S and the award-wining ecoTOTE 3.0S will be produced in co-branded versions for Diageo. The program will launch in the second half of 2022, bringing closed loop spirits to Indonesia for the first time.

Circular spirits from Diageo, soon available for the first time in Indonesia

To support the pilot program and the expansion of the closed loop network to Indonesia, ecoSPIRITS will deploy an ecoPLANT 2.0S to Diageo’s existing spirits manufacturing facility in Bali, where it will be commissioned to operate as an extension of the facility’s spirits bottling capabilities. This will mark the ecoSPIRITS’ first deployment of an ecoPLANT into a manufacturing facility operated by a global customer.

ecoPLANT No. 20 will be sited with Diageo in Bali, Indonesia

Preeti Arora Razdan, Managing Director, Southeast Asia, Diageo

Diageo is guided by the goals outlined in our Society 2030: Spirit of Progress 10-year action plan and we are committed to building a low-carbon and zero-waste world. We are thrilled to be partnering with ecoSPIRITS to deliver on this promise by significantly reducing our carbon footprint and eliminating unnecessary glass waste with our on-premise customers. This pilot project is an important step in the right direction to innovate and model new ways to make our packaging more sustainable.

Sui Ling Cheah, Executive Board Chair, ecoSPIRITS

ecoSPIRITS has spent eighteen months developing our roadmap for Intelligent Circular, which is all about making global scale possible in circular spirits and wine. We believe that the complete integration of hardware and software innovation is necessary to get there. Diageo’s partnership with ecoSPIRITS in launching the first phase of this new technology platform is reflective of the industry’s commitment to innovation in our collective mission to reduce single use glass packaging. We are truly heartened by the commitment of the entire Diageo team to leading our great industry into a low carbon future.

More details regarding ecoSPIRITS’ Intelligent Circular rollout, the new collaboration with Diageo, and the launch of closed loop service in Indonesia will be released in the coming months. Bars, restaurants and hotels interested in participating in the Indonesia pilot program may reach out via

About Diageo

Diageo is a global leader in beverage alcohol with an outstanding collection of brands across spirits and beer categories. These brands include Johnnie Walker,Singleton,Smirnoff, Captain Morgan, Baileys, Don Julio,Tanqueray,and Guinness. Diageo is a global company whose products are sold in more than 180 countries around the world. The company is listed on both the London Stock Exchange (DGE) and the New York Stock Exchange (DEO). For more information about Diageo, our people, our brands, and performance, visit us Visit Diageo’s global responsible drinking resource,, for information,initiatives,and ways to share best practice. Celebrating life, every day, everywhere.

Media Contacts: Azmar Sukandar, Head of Communications & Society, Diageo Asia Pacific

ecoSPIRITS Celebrates France Launch With Experimental Group & FAIR Vodka

PARIS 7 April 2022 Following a brief soft launch period, ecoSPIRITS closed loop service has launched officially in France, starting with the Paris region. To celebrate this milestone, ecoSPIRITS France has teamed up with La Maison Du Whisky and FAIR, the leading Fair Trade liquor brand, to support Experimental Group in reimagining the leading hospitality group’s famed Experience No. 1 cocktail. The new Experience Infinity cocktail will feature FAIR Vodka and be available at both Experimental Cocktail Club and at the Hôtel des Grands Boulevards through June. The early response to ecoSPIRITS in the French market has been strong, with both Experimental Group locations and more than 60 other leading on-premise venues joining the ecoSPIRITS Climate Partner Program in the soft launch period.

The making of the Experience Infinity Cocktail

Experimental Cocktail Club opened in Paris in 2007, marking the emergence of a leading European hospitality brand and operator that has since grown to encompass 24 venues in 6 countries. By focusing on high quality ingredients, Experimental Cocktail Club is credited with having catalysed the cocktail renaissance in France when few bars in the country were focusing on cocktails. Led by three passionate French entrepreneurs Romée de Goriainoff, Pierre-Charles Cros and Olivier Bon, Experimental Group has since branched out to operate bars, restaurants and hotels in Paris, New York, London, Ibiza, Menorca, Verbier and Venice. Each venue showcases the group’s signature style of tailor made bohemian luxury.

Hôtel des Grands Boulevards, Paris

Experimental Cocktail Club, Paris

Olivier Bon, Co-Founder, Experimental Group

One of the strengths of the Experimental Group is our bars, which we have always loved. We identified a foundational problem with handling the glass bottles, the waste, and the packaging; turning to ecoSPIRITS to reduce this impact as much as possible was an evident choice. One of our establishments’ main challenges is the waste and handling of single-use glass after shifts. We turned to ecoSPIRITS to reduce the operational and environmental impact of this material with less handling, transport and waste.

The inspiration for the Experience Infinity Cocktail is a rebirth of one of the most popular cocktails in the history of the Experimental Cocktail Club in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. FAIR Vodka, which is organic, Fair Trade certified, and available in low waste ecoTOTE format, was an obvious choice for the base spirit. Developed by Karim Hamadouche, Head Bartender at Hôtel des Grands Boulevards, the Experience Infinity Cocktail balances out the cereal notes of the quinoa vodka with a housemade citrus essence incorporating lemongrass, basil and chamomile.

The result is a wholistically sustainable and socially responsible cocktail imbued with freshness and lightness. In celebration of the collaboration, ecoSPIRITS, FAIR, and La Maison du Whisky will sponsor the planting a native tree in the ecoSPIRITS Forest Program for each Experience Infinity Cocktail served over the next three months. Overall, the Experience Infinity cocktail is ethically sourced, involves no packaging or ingredient waste and eliminates an estimated 61g of carbon emissions per cocktail through the elimination of single use glass. This carbon impact is supplemented by an estimated 22 kg of carbon emissions sequestered per annum by each tree planted once it reaches maturity. Trees in the ecoSPIRITS Forest Program have an average lifespan of 100 years.

Karim Hamadouche, Head Bartender, Hôtel des Grands Boulevards

To celebrate the new partnership with ecoSPIRITS and FAIR, we decided to recreate Experimental Group’s most iconic cocktail. Named Experience infinity, it leverages a homemade citrus essence made of discarded lemon husks, combined with basil water, lemongrass essential oil and chamomile flowers. The result is a fresh, easy, and wholistically sustainable and responsible drink.

Fair Vodka is the first vodka produced from quinoa, a grain farmed for over 5,000 years by the Incas in South America. Organic and Fair Trade certified, FAIR spirits are ethically sourced and distilled in Cognac, France. Born out of the research of French distillers and Bolivian farmers, quinoa for the production of the vodka is sourced in the Andes mountains from 1,200 Bolivian farmers grouped together in the “Anapqui” cooperative. Having joined as an ecoSPIRITS Climate Partner in France, FAIR will soon become available in ecoTOTE format in the United Kingdom as its partnership with ecoSPIRITS begins to expand to markets around the world.

FAIR Quinoa Vodka is now available in France in ecoTOTE format through La Maison du Whisky & Maison Richard

Alexandre Koiransky, Founder, FAIR

Partnering with ecoSPIRITS and the Experimental Group is more than a business opportunity, this is all about sharing values of sustainability. Our brand FAIR was built on a mission to support small farmers in developing economies. If we can combine our mission with low waste and low carbon distribution, then our work has an even greater meaning. We look forward to expanding this exciting partnership with ecoSPIRITS to the United Kingdom and other markets in the months ahead.

Jeremy Moreau, Président, eS Operator France SAS

ecoSPIRITS France is thrilled to announce this collaboration with FAIR and Experimental Group, both trailblazers in their own right. Experimental Group were the first to bring contemporary cocktail culture to Paris back in 2008 and FAIR has been an industry pioneer in their unwavering commitment to ethical ingredient sourcing and sustainable development since 2009. These pioneers are examples of how deep sustainability runs in France, where the soft launch of ecoSPIRITS has been a unmitigated success. Stay tuned for news on exciting brand partners and many more venues in the months ahead!”

For more information about Experimental Cocktail Club and the Hôtel des Grands Boulevards, please contact Bars, restaurants and hotels interested in joining the ecoSPIRITS Climate Partner Program in France may contact La Maison du Whisky via Brands interested to learn more about joining ecoSPIRITS in France may contact

About Experimental Cocktail Club

The Experimental Group was founded by Olivier Bon, Pierre-Charles Cros and Romée De Goriainoff, three childhood friends with a taste for innovation. Passionate about the cocktail culture that was developing in New York and London, and convinced that Paris could rediscover its rich mixological history, they opened the Experimental Cocktail Club in 2007 in a small street in the Montorgueil district, which became the spearhead of the cocktail wave in the capital. Xavier Padovani joined them in 2010, reinforcing the group’s common vision to offer a contemporary hospitality experience to a demanding clientele around the world. Now famous for introducing cocktail culture to Paris, the group now operates cocktail bars, wine bars, restaurants and hotels in Paris, New York, London, Ibiza, Menorca, Venice and Verbier.

For more information please visit

About FAIR

FAIR is the leading Fair Trade liquor brand. The hallmark of this range (rum, vodka, gin and liqueurs) is in the combined use of fair trade, sustainable development and French craftsmanship for producing these products. The brand has a philosophy of fair deals for all partners involved in the production chain. This aim has taken them across the world in order to produce high-quality spirits from the finest ingredients.

For more information please visit

ecoSPIRITS Releases Circular Wine Technology, Starting in Australia With Accolade Wines

SYDNEY 22 March 2022 ecoSPIRITS announced today a significant expansion of its technology portfolio, taking on the substantial waste and carbon emissions footprint of the estimated 30 billion single use glass wine bottles that are produced each year. The extension of ecoSPIRITS’ patent-pending closed loop packaging technology to premium wines marks the launch of the world’s first globally-scalable circular glass packaging solution for the category. Developed to meet the standards of leading organic and bio-dynamic wine certifications, the new ecoSPIRITS circular wine technology will be deployed first in Australia in partnership with leading global wine producer Accolade Wines. Closed loop wine service will then be made available in a number of other ecoSPIRITS markets worldwide over the second half of 2022.

The new ecoTOTE 3.0W for wine

Banrock Station’s sustainably-produced South Australian wines

Designed with premium and certified winemakers in mind, the new circular wine solution offers full lifecycle wine preservation from winery to point of service. Upgraded versions of ecoSPIRITS’ ecoPLANT, ecoTOTEand SmartPour technologies deliver high standards of hygiene, oxidation, temperature and ultraviolet light protection for wines distributed in the closed loop system. Amongst other innovations, ecoSPIRITS’ new circular wine technology will preserve the bottle presentation and consumer brand experience in hospitality venues, a distinct difference from existing keg and tapped wine solutions.  The new wine technology will leverage ecoSPIRITS global closed loop network, and offer the same dramatic cost and carbon footprint reduction as premium spirits.

The world's first glass-based, globally-scalable circular solution for wine

Among other technology upgrades, ecoSPIRITS has released a new version of its successful ecoPLANT technology that is tailored to process both premium wines and spirits. The new ecoPLANT 2.0W is a semi-automated, containerised wine and spirits processing facility that generates high purity nitrogen gas for ecoTOTE filling and wine blanketing, complies with leading European Union and Australia-New Zealand standards for food grade processing, and delivers gold standard wine hygiene and preservation.

The world’s first ecoPLANT 2.0W will be deployed in Sydney, Australia

The ecoPLANT 2.0W, now with high purity nitrogen gas generation

ecoSPIRITS’ award-winning ecoTOTE portfolio will now be expanded to include a wine variation, the ecoTOTE 3.0W. This newest ecoTOTE is designed specifically for premium wines, marked by a striking grey enclosure and with a stainless steel cap liner to comply with organic wine contact material standards and a tinted internal glass vessel to ensure ultraviolet protection for wines during transport and storage. The ecoTOTE 3.0W includes all of the features of the popular ecoTOTE 3.0S, including global cloud-based tracking, shock- and tamper-resistant features, and a 4.5L volume for efficient handling and transportation.

ecoTOTE 3.0W feature: tinted glass for UV light protection

ecoTOTE 3.0W feature: stainless steel cap liner for organic & biodynamic wine certifications

Headquartered in Australia, Accolade draws on a proud heritage dating back to 1836 and has become a world-leading provider of luxury, premium, mainstream, and commercial wines. With three of the top 10 wine brands in the United Kingdom and two of the top 10 brands in Australia, Accolade’s rich and diverse portfolio is made up of distinguished wine brands including Hardys, St Hallett, Petaluma, House of Arras and Banrock Station. Accolade is a fully integrated business, managing the entire supply chain from grape to glass. With more than 1,400 employees in over 40 countries around the world, Accolade delivers approximately 276 million litres of wine to 130 countries every year.

The Banrock Station winery in the Riverland, South Australia

Recognised as a leader in sustainability initiatives in the wine industry, Accolade is a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant, a sustainable packaging initiative which aims to change the culture of business by designing more sustainable packaging, increasing recycling rates and reducing packaging litter. Collaborating with ecoSPIRITS to pioneer waste and carbon emissions reduction in premium wines is a natural extension of Accolade’s broad commitment to environmental responsibility.

For its first collaboration with ecoSPIRITS, Accolade has selected its leading ecowine brand, Banrock Station. Banrock Station produces premium South Australian wines with a passion for quality and holds a longstanding commitment to protecting the local environment. The Banrock Station vineyards and protected wetlands sit side-by-side along the meandering Murray River and South Australia’s Riverland. The winery’s environmental commitment is broad and sustained, having supported more than 130 conservation projects in 13 countries over the last 20 years. Banrock Station’s wines are sustainably produced, vegan friendly and already use lightweight bottles and recycled materials.

Banrock Station wines are made with the land and the environment in mind, having supported over 130 conservation projects

Initially, Banrock Station’s Pinot Grigio, Rosé and Pinot Noir wines will be offered in ecoTOTE 3.0W format to on-premise customers in Sydney, Australia. As part of the partnership, ecoSPIRITS and Accolade will collaborate on a study of the lifecycle reduction in single waste and carbon footprint associated with closed loop distribution of the Banrock Station wines. The partnership with ecoSPIRITS is one element of Accolade’s global sustainability strategy ‘Making Every Drop Count’, detailing a long-term action plan to create real change across the business, industry and planet.

Jeremy Moreau, Wine Lead, ecoSPIRITS

The ecoSPIRITS closed loop network is now a global platform capable of processing volumes equivalent to more than 10 million single use bottles per year of wine and spirits. To be able to extend this platform to premium wines was a natural move. We have developed the new circular wine technology with both certified winemakers and the consumer in mind, meeting the highest material contact and wine preservation standards while also preserving the wine presentation and pouring experience we all enjoy. Gold standard preservation, lower unit costs, and a dramatic reduction in environmental footprint – all the benefits of circular, now for wine.

Andrew Clarke, Managing Director, ANZ, Accolade Wines

We are thrilled to partner with ecoSPIRITS and become the first wine business to launch this eco-revolutionary packaging to the Australian market. We know that consumers are increasingly conscious of the impact their choices are having on the environment. The new Banrock Station ecoTOTE will provide that environmentally friendly choice alongside the significant cost advantage. This strategic partnership is part of Accolade’s global sustainability journey. We are intent on continuing to innovate our entire supply chain to provide our customers with leading sustainable offerings. We look forward to seeing the roll out of the Banrock Station ecoTOTE in venues around Australia.

Paul Gabie, CEO, ecoSPIRITS

The development of ecoSPIRITS’ circular wine technology has been one of the most exciting projects in our history. Our solution blends extraordinary quality, reliable preservation and transformative cost and carbon footprint reduction – and leverages the ecoSPIRITS global closed loop network. Accolade Wines have been wonderful partners over months of planning and development. Their commitment to sustainability in packaging – and beyond – is genuine and of global impact. We are grateful for their trust in ecoSPIRITS as a technology and innovation partner.

Additional information on the collaboration and the launch of closed loop wine service in Sydney will be released soon. Parties interested in learning more about ecoSPIRITS and our circular wine and spirits technologies can get in touch via For media inquiries regarding Accolade Wines and the Banrock Station, please reach out to Kate Harper, Dialogue Public Relations, via For bars, restaurants and hotels interested in participating in the new collaboration between ecoSPIRITS and Accolade Wines, please reach out to Derek Burden via or


About Accolade Wines

Headquartered in Australia, Accolade Wines draws on a proud heritage, with Houghton established in 1836 and the first grapes crushed at Hardys winery in 1857, to become a world-leading provider of luxury, premium, mainstream, and commercial wines. With three of the top 10 wine brands in the UK and two of the top 10 in Australia, Accolade’s rich and diverse portfolio is made up of distinguished wine brands including Hardys, St Hallett, Petaluma, Houghton, Grant Burge and Banrock Station and modern wine brands such as House of Arras, Echo Falls, Madam Sass and Jam Shed shaking up the global landscape. 

Accolade is a fully integrated business, managing the entire supply chain from grape to glass. With more than 1400 employees in over 40 countries around the world, Accolade delivers approximately 276 million litres of wine to 130 countries every year. Accolade is committed to the sustainable growth of our business and the industry. Through our relentless innovation, global sustainability strategy, and the partners we engage with, we endeavour to have a positive impact on the industry and communities in which we operate. 

For more information please visit

About Banrock Station Winery

Founded in 1995, Banrock Station’s mission is to do good and produce honest, great tasting wine that doesn’t cost the earth. Every drop of Banrock Station goes into conserving the planet.  Over the last 25 years, Banrock have contributed to over 130 projects across 13 countries, starting with restoring their surrounding RAMSAR accredited wetlands in the Riverland; providing a haven for over 17,000 native plant, animal and threatened bird life. They have contributed over $6 million to conserving this planet! Banrock Station brings together a passion for conservation and wine to deliver an unforgettable experience where consumers can enjoy the same quality wine they expect from Banrock Station without compromising on their own sustainability efforts.

For more information please visit

ecoSPIRITS to Launch in Seychelles, Partnering With Leading Local Producer Takamaka Rum

VICTORIA 14 March 2022 ecoSPIRITS announced today that it has signed a Licensed Operator Agreement for ecoSPIRITS Seychelles with Trois Frères Distillery, the producers of Takamaka Rum. The new partnership will bring circular spirits packaging technology to another island market at risk from rising sea levels and climate change. As part of the collaboration, Takamaka Rum will join the ecoSPIRITS Climate Partner Program and become available across their home market in ecoTOTEformat. The partnership for the Seychelles builds on ecoSPIRITS upcoming launch in Bermuda, proving the appeal of circular spirits in markets both large and small around the world.

An archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is home to numerous beaches, coral reefs and nature reserves, as well as rare animals such as giant Aldabra tortoises. With a population of 98,400, the islands are a vibrant tourist destination famous for their mountain rain forests and iconic beaches. Like other island nations around the world, Seychelles has already experiencing the impacts of climate change. These include the disappearance of most of the giant tortoises from the granitic islands, the felling of coastal and mid-level forests, and the extinction of unique species such as the Seychelles parakeet and the saltwater crocodile. As a result, Seychelles has emerged as a world leader protecting lands and waters for threatened species, designating 42% of its territory for conservation.

The Seychelles has dedicated almost half of its territory to conservation to protect endangered marine and land species

Founded in Seychelles in 2000, Takamaka Rum widely regarded as the ‘spirit of the Seychelles’ and is the market leader in the local spirits industry. A family-owned and operated producer, Takamaka Rum is on a mission to put the Seychelles on the world rum map by producing locally inspired rums to capture the spirit and uniqueness of Seychelles itself. Each rum bottle is filled with the character of these unique islands, their local craftsmanship and their people.

Takamaka's Seychelles bottlings are expressions of the tropical archipelago

Takamaka's St. Andre bottlings showcase the Seychelles' rich heritage & Creole traditions

As the newest ecoSPIRITS Licensed Operator, Takamaka Rum has taken delivery of ecoPLANT No. 28, which will be sited on the main island of Mahé. ecoSPIRITS Seychelles will launch closed loop service in April 2022, serving the bars, restaurants and hotels across Seychelles archipelago as well as other spirits brands, distributors, and wholesalers under the ecoSPIRITS Climate Partner Program.Distribution of Takamaka Rum in ecoTOTEformat in the Seychelles will dramatically reduce the brand’s environmental footprint, eliminating an estimated 91.4% of the carbon emissions associated with the packaging and distribution of this rum, or 494g of C02e per bottle.

The Trois Frères Rum Distillery in the Seychelles

ecoPLANT No. 028 will be sited in Mahé and operated by Takamaka Rum

ecoSPIRITS Seychelles will be the second market worldwide to join the ecoSPIRITS Ocean Program, which uses the limited edition Ocean Conservation Edition ecoTOTEand funds an ocean waste recovery program managed by Green Steps Group, ecoSPIRITS’ global C02 mitigation partners. Under the ecoSPIRITS Oceans Program, each order of an Ocean Conservation Edition ecoTOTE by venue partners funds the removal of one kilogram of single use plastic, glass and other man-made waste from protected beaches, coral reefs and waters. The ecoSPIRITS Oceans Program’s first local operations have been established in Zanzibar, an island archipelago off the coast of Tanzania in East Africa. The first beach cleanup operation under the ecoSPIRITS Oceans Program was conducted by Green Steps Group and their local partners in February 2022.

A local beach conservation team at work in Zanzibar, with funding from the ecoSPIRITS Oceans Program

The ecoTOTE 3.0S Ocean Conservation Edition

Richard d’Offay, Managing Director, Trois Frères Distillery, Seychelles

The Seychelles, as a small island nation, have taken amazing strides to protect and sustain the archipelago’s ecosystems. Our role as a local business must be to support those ideals. The introduction of ecoSPIRITS, minimising single use glass while directly contributing to the conservation of beaches and marine environments, we believe is the type of action that delivers on those goals. We all have a responsibility to take action.

Zdenek Kastanek, International Sales Director, ecoSPIRITS

ecoSPIRITS has long been mindful of the special impact that single glass use packaging for spirits and the associated carbon emissions are having on island nations. As we continue to add island markets to the ecoSPIRITS global network, ecoSPIRITS will work alongside our Licensed Operators like Takamaka Rum to have a positive impact by reducing local packaging waste and restoring marine environments. We will also continue to use our voice in the industry to call attention to the impact that single use glass packaging in larger markets is having on these fragile island ecosystems.

Bars, restaurants, hotels, distributors and brands that are interested in joining the ecoSPIRITS Climate Partner Program in Seychelles can get in touch via email at Media inquiries for ecoSPIRITS may be directed to Inquiries for Takamaka Rum can be sent to

About Takamaka Rum

Family owned, Takamaka was founded by two brothers twenty years ago who have built the brand into the number one spirit on the island nation. Bernard and Richard d’Offay set out to create rums that capture the spirit of the Seychelles, with its diverse flavours and laid-back attitude, which they and their fellow islanders would enjoy. They didn’t follow an industry blueprint, instead using what means they had available to them to create their liquid. 20 years later, the brothers now produce a portfolio of premium rums that are enjoyed around the world, capturing the unique and undiscovered flavours of their remote, tropical island home in the Indian Ocean.

For more information please visit

ecoSPIRITS Partners With Pernod Ricard as Transition to Circular Spirits Gains Global Momentum

HONG KONG 9 March 2022 ecoSPIRITS announced today that it has partnered with Pernod Ricard, the world’s second largest spirits and wine company, to pilot circular spirits, starting in Hong Kong and Singapore. The new collaboration will see Pernod Ricard’s iconic brands Absolut Vodka, Beefeater Gin and Havana Club Rum become available in ecoSPIRITS’ innovative closed loop packaging technology. The partnership is the first of its kind for a global brand portfolio, marking a major milestone in the industry’s transition to circular spirits. To celebrate the milestone, the Pernod Ricard brands will debut in the first co-branded editions of the award-winning ecoTOTE.

The iconic Absolut Vodka in co-branded ecoTOTE™ format. A milestone for the low carbon revolution.

Absolut has a broad commitment to sustainability, operating one of the world’s most energy efficient distilleries in Sweden.

The new partnership is a natural fit for both parties. Pernod Ricard is an industry leader in sustainability, having made broad commitments under a Sustainability & Responsibility Roadmap that supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The roadmap include a pillar of ‘Circular Making,’ which envisions reducing carbon footprint and minimising waste by developing more sustainable packaging solutions. Pernod Ricard has set a goal of reducing carbon footprint by 50% by 2030, and to pursue a Net Zero trajectory by 2050.

The Pernod Ricard Sustainability & Responsibility Roadmap includes Circular Making as one of four pillars.

Under the pilot program, Pernod Ricard will make Absolut Vodka, Beefeater Gin and Havana Club Rum available in low waste, co-branded ecoTOTE™ format to up to 80 leading bars, restaurants and hotels in Singapore and Hong Kong. Both cities are known for their vibrant and innovative bar scenes, and have embraced the ecoSPIRITS technology over recent years. Using the ecoSPIRITS Carbon Calculator, the initiative is forecast to reduce the carbon emissions of packaging and distribution for the participating Pernod Ricard brands by an average of 66% when compared with the traditional format of single use glass.

The world’s most awarded gin, now in low waste format.

Two centuries of history and a commitment to innovation for today’s world.

28 HongKong Street, Singapore. One of Asia's best bars - and one of the first in the world to adopt ecoSPIRITS in 2018 - will offer Beefeater Gin in ecoTOTE™ format.

The new initiative will form part of Pernod Ricard’s Bar World of Tomorrow program which promotes more sustainable and responsible bar practices. Locally in Hong Kong, Bar World of Tomorrow is partnering with Food Made Good Hong Kong— part of the UK-based Sustainable Restaurant Association, which is dedicated to helping food service businesses operate sustainably. The program aims to upskill bartenders on topics such as responsible service, waste management, sourcing and managing fresh ingredients and ice supply management, with an emphasis on work-life balance, customer care, and ways to maximize yield from bar ingredients—thus reducing overall operational costs. Since January 2021, close to 100 bartenders in Hong Kong have completed the training program.

Rum is an essential part of Cuban culture, shaped by the country’s climate, geography, history and people.

The co-branded ecoTOTE™ offers the opportunity for enhanced brand messaging.

ARGO Bar, Hong Kong. A bar celebrating the drinking traditions of tomorrow will be one of the first in the world to offer Havana Club Rum in ecoTOTE™ format.

The pilot collaboration between ecoSPIRITS and Pernod Ricard will launch in both cities in the coming months. Over time, Pernod Ricard hopes to include more bars and restaurants in both cities, before expanding the program to other key markets and brands across Asia and beyond. 

Hermance De La Bastide, Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability & Responsibility, Pernod Ricard Asia

Our partnership with ecoSPIRITS, as part of our Bar World of Tomorrow initiative, reflects our ambition to create more sustainable and responsible moments of conviviality. The global bar scene has suffered greatly during the pandemic, and this is all the more true now especially in Hong Kong. We believe in the fortitude and resilience of the industry, and we aim to help alleviate any burden that we can, including helping to introduce sustainable practices to their business in an effective way. True to our vision, we strongly believe in working with others across the industry to strengthen what we do collectively. ecoSPIRITS is a wonderful partner to help our industry minimize waste and its carbon footprint, while also protecting our natural resources.

Paul Gabie, CEO, ecoSPIRITS

The transition to circular is one of the most important movements in the spirits industry today. Circular Making’ offers the prospects of dramatically reducing our industry’s waste and environmental footprint. There is simply no more effective way to do our collective part in supporting the United Nations SDGs and the global drive to Net Zero. Welcoming Pernod Ricard to the low carbon revolution is a major milestone, both for ecoSPIRITS and the industry. When industry leaders begin to back circular, our collective future gets brighter. We could not be more delighted to have Absolut Vodka, Beefeater Gin and Havana Club Rum join our ecoSPIRITS Climate Partner Program, a rapidly growing coalition of hundreds of brands, importers, distributors, wholesalers, bars, restaurants and hotels worldwide.

Bars, restaurants and hotels in Singapore or Hong Kong interested in participating in the collaboration between Pernod Ricard and ecoSPIRITS can get in touch via email at or Additional information on the timeline for the launch of closed loop service for the Pernod Ricard brands, and the participating venue partners, will be released soon.

About Pernod Ricard

Pernod Ricard is the No.2 worldwide producer of wines and spirits with consolidated sales amounting to €8,824 million in fiscal year FY21. The Group, which owns 16 of the Top 100 Spirits Brands, holds one of the most prestigious and comprehensive portfolios in the industry with over 240 premium brands distributed across more than 160 markets. Pernod Ricard’s portfolio includes Absolut Vodka, Ricard pastis, Ballantine’s, Chivas Regal, Royal Salute, and The Glenlivet Scotch whiskies, Jameson Irish whiskey, Martell cognac, Havana Club rum, Beefeater gin, Malibu liqueur, Mumm and Perrier-Jouët champagnes, as well Jacob’s Creek, New Zealand Wines, Campo Viejo, Mumm Sparkling and Kenwood wines. Pernod Ricard’s strategy focuses on investing in long-term and sustainable growth for all its stakeholders, remaining true to its founding values: entrepreneurial spirit, mutual trust, and strong sense of ethics. The Group’s decentralised organisation empowers its 18,500 employees to be on-the-ground ambassadors of its vision of Créateurs de Convivialité”. Pernod Ricard 2030 Sustainability and Responsibility roadmap “Good Times from a Good Place” is integrated into all its activities from grain to glass, and Pernod Ricard is recognised as a UN Global Compact LEAD participant for its contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Pernod Ricard is listed on Euronext (Ticker: RI; ISIN Code: FR0000120693) and is part of the CAC 40 and Eurostoxx 50 indices.

About ecoSPIRITS

Founded in 2018, ecoSPIRITS is a circular economy technology company that has developed the world’s first low carbon, low waste distribution technology for the premium spirits industry. Leveraging business as a force for good, ecoSPIRITS provides both a powerful cost advantage and a transformative carbon footprint reduction. The ecoSPIRITS patent-pending, closed-loop technology is licensed in 18 countries worldwide, including many of the world’s largest consumer markets, and is used by almost 1,000 leading hospitality venues. The ecoSPIRITS Climate Partner Program is a global coalition of hundreds of brands, distributors, wholesalers and hospitality operators committed to reducing the environmental impact of their operations. ecoSPIRITS serves its customer base from offices in Singapore, Shanghai, London and Miami.

ecoSPIRITS to Launch in the United States in Partnership With Park Street Technology Ventures

MIAMI 28 February 2022 ecoSPIRITS announced today that it has signed a Licensed Operator Agreement for the United States with a new joint venture company established with Park Street Technology Ventures and the Edmund Pillsbury family. ecoSPIRITS USA will be headquartered in Miami, where Park Street is also based. Financing for the joint venture will be provided by all three parties. As part of the launch of ecoSPIRITS patent-pending closed loop spirits technology in the world’s largest premium spirits market, ecoSPIRITS’ Zdenek Kastanek will transition into the new role of Managing Director, ecoSPIRITS USA effective July 2022.

Art Deco Ocean Drive in Miami Beach

Sweet Liberty, one of Miami's award-winning bars

Little Havana is Miami's vibrant Cuban heart

Park Street Technology Ventures is an affiliate of Park Street, a leading technology-enabled services company that helps emerging and established alcoholic beverage suppliers and brand owners cost-effectively and securely scale and manage their businesses in the U.S. market. ecoSPIRITS selected Park Street as their U.S. partner for their extensive experience across the entire beverage alcohol value chain, including regulatory compliance, freight and logistics, importing and distribution, and information and data management. Backed by Park Street’s 400 team members in the United States and around the world, and ecoSPIRITS’ global team and industry-leading experience with circular spirits, the new joint venture is well positioned to bring circular spirits to a complex and exciting U.S. market.

Harry Kohlmann, CEO, Park Street

“Park Street is committed to investing in sustainability, and the ecoSPIRITS system delivers measurable value to participants throughout the supply chain – from manufacturers and distributors to on-premise accounts and consumers. The term ‘drink responsibly’ now has an even broader implication and we are proud to partner with ecoSPIRITS to bring its technology to the U.S. market.”

Paul Gabie, CEO, ecoSPIRITS

“The U.S. is a crucial market in terms of size, visibility and innovation. Over the past two years, we have been received a remarkable number of inquiries about the ecoSPIRITS technology from U.S.-based brands, distributors and hospitality operators. The timing is right to bring closed loop spirits to the U.S. With its broad network of relationships and commitment to innovation, Park Street was the natural partner for ecoSPIRITS USA.”

Private financing for the new joint venture will be led by the Edmund Pillsbury family, with co-investments by ecoSPIRITS and Park Street. Edmund Pillsbury, who is an experienced private investor and a board member of Tahoe Blue Vodka, will take a seat on the board of the joint venture entity alongside Kohlmann and Gabie. The joint venture has opened offices in Miami, where Kastanek is based, and will build a team of industry professionals dedicated to scaling closed loop spirits across the country.

The Champagne Bar at the Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club in Miami Beach, Florida

Edmund Pillsbury, Angel Investor & ecoSPIRITS USA Board Member

“As an angel investor and board member of Tahoe Blue Vodka, I was able to appreciate the impact single use glass has on the environment. We sell thousands of cases a year and the majority of our glass ends up in a landfill. ecoSPIRITS is an elegant solution and represents the future of responsible packaging in the spirits and wine industry. This solution could potentially eliminate millions of pounds of single use glass and dramatically improve the climate impact of the entire industry.”

Zdenek Kastanek, International Sales Director, ecoSPIRITS

“ecoSPIRITS has long planned to enter the U.S. market, which is known for leadership in both sustainability and innovation. With a majority of our global customer based already operating in the U.S., we have a head start in terms of Climate Partner brands and hospitality operators. We could not have asked for a better partner in Park Street, or lead investors in the Ed Pillsbury and his family, for one of our most important markets worldwide.”

In the first phase of development, ecoSPIRITS USA will offer closed loop service in Florida and California from three ecoPLANTs (Nos. 31, 32 and 33) based in Miami, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, respectively. The ecoSPIRITS Climate Partner Program will open to spirit brands, importers, distributors and hospitality operators and venues who are looking to reduce the single use waste and carbon footprint of their U.S. spirit distribution and consumption. ecoSPIRITS USA will also participate in the ecoSPIRITS Forest Program, which plants native trees in endangered wild areas based ecoTOTE™ cycles in the closed loop system.

ecoPLANT No. 31, the first in the U.S., will be sited in Miami

ecoPLANTS will be deployed in both Florida and California in the first phase of the new joint venture

Bars, restaurants, hotels, importers, distributors and brands that are interested in joining the ecoSPIRITS Climate Partner Program in the U.S. can get in touch via email at Additional information on the timeline for closed loop service and the coverage in each state will be released soon.

About Park Street

Launched in 2003 by former McKinsey consultants, Park Street is a technology-enabled services company that helps emerging and established alcoholic beverage suppliers and brand owners cost-effectively and securely scale and manage their businesses.  The company combines complex sector expertise with skilled human capital and a purpose-built technology platform to deliver fully transparent and reliable performance.  Areas of expertise include regulatory compliance, freight and logistics, importing and distribution, order fulfillment, accounting, HR and benefits management, working capital, information and data management, systems development, systems integration, and more.  The company is trusted by thousands of brands from new-to-market entrepreneurs to well established multi-brand global portfolios.  Park Street is headquartered in Miami, Florida and has over 400 team members supporting operations across the United States and around the world.

About Park Street Technology Ventures

Park Street Technology Ventures (“Park Street Ventures”) is an affiliate of Park Street and invests in early-stage start-ups and established growth companies in the alcoholic beverage industry.  The firm’s investment mandate focuses on transformative technologies and green initiatives.  Park Street Ventures provides a combination of capital, strategic and operational guidance, and industry knowledge to help companies accelerate growth.

For more information, please visit

As Global Rollout Continues, ecoSPIRITS Appoints Executive Board Chair and Chief Operating Officer

SINGAPORE 21 February 2022 ecoSPIRITS announced today the appointments of Sui Ling Cheah to the role of Executive Board Chair and Anand Subramanian to the role of Chief Operating Officer. The appointments bolster ecoSPIRITS’ leadership team and governance as it navigates both a period of extraordinary global growth and the next phase of development of its closed loop technology. Together, Ms. Cheah and Mr. Subramanian bring more than 40 years of experience in strategy, investment banking, private equity, venture capital and governance to the ecoSPIRITS mission. Both of the new roles will be based in ecoSPIRITS’ Singapore headquarters.

Singapore's Marina Bay skyline

Ms. Cheah & Mr. Subramanian with the patent-pending ecoTOTE 3.0S

In the newly-created role of Executive Board Chair, Ms. Cheah will lead the ecoSPIRITS board, oversee the company’s governance, and assist the CEO in setting the company’s overall strategy and direction. Ms. Cheah brings more than 25 years of experience to the role, primarily in investment banking, technology company advisory and board governance. In addition to her role at ecoSPIRITS, Ms. Cheah is an Operating Partner at Wavemaker Partners, a leading early stage venture fund. She previously spent more than 20 years in investment banking, including time at Merrill Lynch, J.P. Morgan and BNP Paribas. Ms. Cheah also holds independent board positions in several publicly listed companies in industries spanning hospitality, healthcare and telecommunications.

Sui Ling Cheah, Executive Board Chair, ecoSPIRITS

“ecoSPIRITS has developed into one of the most exciting companies in the Wavemaker Partners portfolio, having the potential to change the way the spirits industry operates. The world has to get serious about climate change. I believe we can play a part by backing companies with transformative environmental impact and innovative and capital efficient business models. I look forward to working closely with our board members and management team as ecoSPIRITS moves forward on its mission to transition the spirits industry to circular packaging technology.”

In addition to the new Executive Board Chair, ecoSPIRITS has appointed Anand Subramanian to the newly-created role of Chief Operating Officer. In this role, Mr. Subramanian will oversee the company’s board and investor relations as well as the finance, talent and strategy functions. He brings experience in strategy, investment banking, private equity and venture capital to ecoSPIRITS. Mr. Subramanian joins from Comcast NBC Universal, where he was Head of Strategy & Business Development in Asia Pacific. He previously spent thirteen years in investment banking and private equity and growth company investing, most recently with Fullerton Financial Holdings and J.P. Morgan.

Anand Subramanian, Chief Operating Officer, ecoSPIRITS

“I joined ecoSPIRITS because I believe that sustainability should become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. I am excited to join the mission of ending single glass use and at the same time creating a scalable, sustainable and profitable business. As a circular economy technology company, we are truly at the centre of revolutionising the spirits industry by combining economic and social benefits for the entire ecosystem from brands, distributors, retail outlets and eventually the end consumer.”

Both of the new leadership roles will be based in ecoSPIRITS’ headquarters in Singapore, allowing ecoSPIRITS CEO Paul Gabie to spend time across the company’s Miami, London and Singapore offices to better support a growing global network of ecoSPIRITS Licensed Operators and Climate Partners.

ecoSPIRITS serves its customers from offices in Miami, London, Shanghai & Singapore.

Paul Gabie, Chief Executive Officer, ecoSPIRITS

“2021 was a remarkable year for spirits and the circular economy. ecoSPIRITS is now licensed in 18 countries worldwide, including many of the largest consumer markets. The future of circular spirits is bright; yet, delivering closed loop service at global scale presents complex challenges. Having worked closely with Sui Ling as a board member, I am delighted to welcome her to a formal role on the leadership team. Anand brings the strategy and financial acumen ecoSPIRITS requires to continue to develop cutting-edge solutions for circular at global scale. I could not be more excited about the impact these two appointments will have on ecoSPIRITS’ development in 2022 and beyond.”

About Sui Ling Cheah

Sui Ling Cheah is Operating Partner at Wavemaker, a B2B and deep tech focused early stage venture capital fund where she is responsible for helping the mature companies in Wavemaker’s portfolio with business development, follow-on financing and eventual exits. Prior to joining the venture capital industry, she spent 20 years in investment banking raising capital for high growth companies and executing cross-border M&A. Her last investment banking role was as the Co-Head of Corporate Finance of SEA at BNP Paribas. Prior to that, she was Executive Director of Investment Banking at JP Morgan Singapore. Sui Ling started her career with Merrill Lynch New York followed by stints in Singapore and London. Sui Ling is currently also a board director of several publicly-listed companies such as CDL Hospitality REIT, Parkway Life REIT and Telechoice International.  Born in Malaysia, she graduated from Wellesley College in the United States with a Bachelor of Arts in French and Economics.

For more information, please visit LinkedIn

About Anand Subramanian

Anand Subramanian has over 16 years of experience in private equity, venture capital, and investment banking. Prior to joining ecoSPIRITS, Anand was the Head of Corporate Strategy and Business Development APAC at Comcast NBCUniversal where he oversaw the go-to-market strategy for NBCUniversal in Asia Pacific across both linear and digital assets. Previously, Anand was Vice President of Investments at Fullerton Financial Holdings, Singapore, a wholly owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings, overlooking fintech and financial services investments across South & South East Asia. Anand spent close to 10 years at J.P. Morgan, Singapore, where was an Executive Director, Investment Banking overseeing all facets of IB including capital markets and M&A. He was also the Head of Junior Resources. Born in India, Anand graduated from Symbiosis Center for Management and Human Resource Development with an MBA in Finance & Marketing and from Delhi University with a Bachelor in Commerce.

For more information, please visit LinkedIn

Closed Loop Service Commences in Cambodia With Rosewood Phnom Penh & Samai Rum

PHNOM PENH 12 January 2022 ecoSPIRITS is celebrating the launch of its inaugural closed loop service in Cambodia with one of the country’s leading luxury hotels, Rosewood Phnom Penh, and local ecoSPIRITS Climate Partner, Samai Rum. To mark the launch of ecoSPIRITS Cambodia, Sora Sky Bar at Rosewood Phnom Penh has created the Nom Slek Chak Sustainable Cocktail – the first in Cambodia to feature the ecoSPIRITS technology – to showcase a uniquely Cambodian spirit alongside sustainable local flavours and ingredients. For every Nom Slek Chak Sustainable Cocktail served through April 2022 at the hotel, one tree will be planted under the ecoSPIRITS Forest Program.

The Nom Slek Chak Sustainable Cocktail by Sora Sky Bar at Rosewood Phnom Penh

Rosewood Phnom Penh, the latest property from Rosewood Hotels and Resorts to collaborate with ecoSPIRITS, is an ultra-luxury hotel located in the heart of the Cambodian capital. Soaring 188 metres above Phnom Penh, the hotel occupies the top 14 floors of Vattanac Capital Tower, the city’s most iconic modern structure and a symbol of the new Cambodia. With unobstructed views of the fabled Mekong River, the hotel is home to six restaurants and lounges. Sora Sky Bar, the hotel’s flagship rooftop bar, is one of the country’s most acclaimed beverage venues, offering an expansive whisky collection, carefully curated cocktails and a spectacular view.

Rosewood Phnom Penh at Vattanac Capital Tower

An ultra-luxury hospitality experience in Phnom Penh

Sora Sky Bar, the hotel’s flagship rooftop venue

Daniel Simon, Managing Director of Rosewood Phnom Penh

“We are proud to be the first hotel in Cambodia to partner with ecoSPIRITS. This exciting collaboration enables Rosewood Phnom Penh to deepen its commitment to sustainability while showcasing Cambodia’s incredible flavours and scenery from Phnom Penh’s highest bar. Featuring made-in-Cambodia rums and local Khmer ingredients, Sora Sky Bar’s limited-edition Nom Slek Chak Sustainable Cocktail embodies our Sense of Place® philosophy and serves as living proof that high-quality, delicious, sustainable cocktails are the future.”

Sora Sky Bar Manager, Udom Chhoun, created the Nom Slek Chak Sustainable Cocktail to honour the hotel’s new partnership with ecoSPIRITS. Inspired by a traditional Khmer snack from Kampot, Cambodia, the unique cocktail stars hand-crafted, aromatic Samai Kampot Pepper and Gold rums from Samai Distillery, the country’s first and only premium rum producer. Both rums are delivered to the hotel in low-waste ecoTOTE™ format, infused with coconut meat, then mixed with Mancino Bianco vermouth, fresh lemon juice, and egg whites. As a finishing touch, the cocktail is garnished with toasted black sesame and dried coconut for a silky, elegant tipple bursting with Khmer flavours.

The Nom Slek Chak Sustainable Cocktail

Samai Rum in ecoTOTE™ format

Udom Chhoun, Sora Sky Bar Manager

As Samai Distillery transitions to ecoTOTE™ format for the distribution of its award-winning rums in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and other cities across the country, it is set to become the most sustainable spirit producer in the Cambodian market. The move to closed-loop packaging technology will dramatically reduce the distillery’s import of glass bottles from Europe and eliminate single-use paper labels, stoppers and cartons. Overall, the ecoSPIRITS system will now eliminate an estimated 91% of the carbon footprint associated with the packaging and distribution of Samai Rum in Phnom Penh, or the equivalent of 830g of CO2e per bottle. To further the positive impact of the collaboration, ecoSPIRITS and Samai Distillery are planting one native tree in the Rosewood Phnom Penh forest under the ecoSPIRITS Forest Program for each Nom Slek Chak Sustainable Cocktail served.

Production of rum at Samai Distillery

The award-winning Samai craft rums

Cambodia will participate in the ecoSPIRITS Forest Program

Daniel Pacheco, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Samai

“At Samai we are proud to be leading this revolution bringing sustainability to the alcohol industry in Cambodia. And we hope this collaboration with ecoSPIRITS can inspire others to reduce their own carbon footprint. Launching the ecoSPIRITS collaboration with Rosewood Phnom Penh was only fitting based on their proven commitment to sustainability, as evidenced by their launch of a new signature sustainable cocktail. This is only the beginning of a journey we hope to share with other brands and venues in the coming months and years.”

Samai White, Gold and Kampot Pepper Rums are now available across Cambodia in ecoTOTE™ format from ecoSPIRITS Climate Partner distributor, Moonshine Cambodia. For more information, please contact For a booking at the Sora Bar to enjoy the Nom Slek Chak Sustainable Cocktail, please contact You can also follow Rosewood Phnom Penh on Instagram @rosewoodphnompenh

About Rosewood Phnom Penh

Rosewood Phnom Penh presents an ultra-luxury hospitality experience in the Cambodian capital. The hotel is located on the top 14 floors of Vattanac Capital Tower in the central business district, with unobstructed views of the city and the fabled Mekong River from its position within the tallest building in the capital. Rosewood Phnom Penh embraces the Rosewood brand’s A Sense of Place®️ philosophy and reflects the location’s history, culture and sensibilities. It features 175 rooms and suites; six restaurants and lounges, including Sora, a sky bar on a cantilevered terrace; Sense, a Rosewood Spa; a fitness center; a 22-meter indoor lap swimming pool; and meeting facilities that include The Pavilion residential-style meeting and function space.

For more information or reservations, please contact or +855 23 936 888

For more information, please visit:
Connect with us: Facebook, Instagram @rosewoodphnompenh

About Samai Distillery

Samai Distillery was founded in 2014 in Phnom Penh and is regarded as one of Southeast Asia’s pioneering craft distilleries. As Cambodia’s first and only premium rum producer, the Samai team produce hand-crafted, premium rums using high-quality, locally grown ingredients and a process that pays tribute to age-old rum making traditions. Complex and full of character, Samai rums reflect the unique Cambodian terroir. With four premium products in its portfolio, Samai rums are distributed in France, Singapore, Spain, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Korea, with more countries to come. If you happen to be in Cambodia, don’t miss a chance to try the rums and exclusive cocktails at the bar inside the distillery, or book your private tour.

For more information, please visit:

ecoSPIRITS Will Launch in India, Bringing Low Waste Spirits to One of the World’s Fastest Growing Consumer Economies

MUMBAI 15 November 2021 – ecoSPIRITS announced that it has signed a Licensed Operator Agreement for India with Third Eye Distillery, a leading local craft spirits producer known for their award-winning Stranger & Sons Gin. The parties will launch closed loop service progressively across the country in 2022, starting in Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka in February. The new partnership will bring low waste, low carbon spirits packaging technology to one of the world’s most populous countries, and the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases after China and the United States.

Home to almost 1.4 billion people, India is one of the most important, and fastest growing, consumer markets in the world. In recent years, the market for premium and craft spirits has begun to evolve quickly, fueled by the emergence of craft cocktail bars, proudly ‘Made in India’ craft spirits producers, and a young, affluent consumer demographic with an interest in quality, provenance and brand. Given India’s size, and status as a developing economy, the country is a critical piece in the climate change solution puzzle. There are some promising signs on this front: at COP26, the United Nations climate conference taking place in Glasgow this month, the Indian Government made a series of new pledges, including to reduce India’s carbon emissions by one billion tonnes by 2030 and to achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2070.

Great Himalayan National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Sidecar Bar in New Delhi, one of Asia's 50 Best Bars

Bandra-Worli Sea Link, Mumbai

Founded in 2018, Sakshi Saigal, Rahul Mehra and Vidur Gupta set up Third Eye Distillery and transformed the spirits landscape in India by launching the first Indian Gin in the premium space. They were the first to explore contemporary style Gins in India with their flagship brand, Stranger & Sons that received international accolades and connected with a global audience. The trio chose Goa with its diverse expanse of spice farms as the location for their distillery where they innovate and explore new extensions to create quality homegrown products. Third Eye Distillery pioneered sustainable practices right from its inception with the distillation of the spirit to their most recent partnership with ecoSPIRITS to provide a revolutionary platform for the Indian spirits industry.

Vidur Gupta, Rahul Mehra, and Sakshi Saigal, Co-founders, Third Eye Distillery

We’re extremely excited to be the exclusive partners for ecoSPIRITS in India. We look forward to pioneering the sustainability movement in the Indian spirits landscape by bringing this platform to India and making it available to all spirits brands, imported and homegrown. We believe ecoSPIRITS will be a game-changer in moving the Indian spirits market towards a zero net carbon trajectory and helping the country achieve its sustainability goals. We are thrilled to work with brands to make this closed-loop distribution model accessible to all.”

Paul Gabie, CEO, ecoSPIRITS

“India is a market that is close to my heart, having lived there for two years earlier in my career. It is also one of the most challenging markets in the world for independent and imported spirits brands. To be able to bring the sustainability and commercial benefits of ecoSPIRITS in one of my favourite places is a highlight. Given India’s size as both a consumer market and contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, it is a strategic market for ecoSPIRITS. We are excited to get started reducing single use glass there with such capable partners.”

Stranger & Sons Gin, Third Eye Distillery’s flagship product, is India’s leading craft gin by volume. Launched in 2018 and produced in Goa, Stranger & Sons Gin was conceived to celebrate the agricultural diversity and abundance of India and its love affair with spices. It captures the spirit of India, in a spirit from India that is produced with nine botanicals from local Goan farms, markets and spice vendors. Now exported to Singapore, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Taiwan, New Zealand and the UAE, Stranger & Sons Gin has picked up a host of international awards, including being declared one of the 8 best gins in the world in 2020 by the International Wine & Spirit Competition to winning the highest honours at The Asian Spirits Masters 2021 and their most recent Gold medal at the Gin Masters 2021. With the launch of ecoSPIRITS in India, Stranger & Sons Gin will become the first Indian spirit to be available in low waste packaging format.

Third Eye Distillery’s award-winning Stranger & Sons Gin

The launch of closed loop service in India will also make the market more accessible and sustainable for imported premium spirits, a well-known challenge in the industry. ecoSPIRITS India will participate in the ecoSPIRITS Climate Partner Program, which grants a wide range of spirit brands and their importers, distributors and wholesalers with access to our global closed loop network. Plantation Rum, the world’s number one super premium rum brand and an ecoSPIRITS Climate Partner since 2019, will become the first imported spirit available in India in ecoTOTE™ format. This transition will make Plantation Rum the most sustainable premium rum offering in the Indian market. With the packaging waste and transport cost savings of the ecoSPIRITS system, Plantation Rum will be available at a reduced on-trade price point, making it more accessible to the Indian bar community.

Plantation Rum will become the first imported spirit available in India in ecoTOTE™ format

Angélique Jullienne, Global Marketing and Communication Director for Maison Ferrand

“We, at Plantation Rum, are delighted starting off this new collaboration with ecoSPIRITS and Third Eye Distillery in a very important and rapidly growing consumer market like India. We are convinced that the future of our industry will be driven by projects like ecoSPIRITS. This sustainable initiative echoes our values and actions talk louder than words with us. For this reason, our distillery, West Indies Rum Distillery, will become the first zero-carbon footprint distillery in Barbados by 2030. Collaborating with ecoSPIRITS completes this engagement.”

ecoPLANT No. 023 will be commissioned at Third Eye Distillery’s existing Goa facility, initially providing closed loop processing for the entire India channel network. Additional ecoPLANTS are planned as the national distribution network develops over time. The Third Eye Distillery team will bring substantial Indian regulatory, licensing and spirits production expertise to the new Licensed Operator partnership. Like all ecoSPIRITS Licensed Operators, they will receive comprehensive support from the ecoSPIRITS closed loop engineering team.

Goa is known for its beaches, idyllic settings dot the coastline

ecoPLANT No. 023 will be located in Goa

As in other markets, ecoSPIRITS will work closely with leading hospitality operators in India, helping them reduce their single use waste and making premium spirits more affordable for house pours and cocktail lists.

Rakshay Dhariwal, Managing Director, Pass Code Hospitality

As an entrepreneur with multiple ventures in the hospitality industry, I’m concerned about the environment and am excited to work towards a sustainable future. This partnership gives us a platform to champion the sustainability movement. Providing spirits in ecoTOTE™ format will indeed help us reduce the environmental impact of our operations and be the perfect solution for reducing our carbon footprint!

Sameer Seth, Founder & CEO, Hunger Inc

This is a ground-breaking opportunity that takes us one step closer to ending single use glass and other associated packaging material through a closed loop system! I’m extremely excited about how this will enable hospitality teams to serve spirits in a socially responsible manner and I’m eager to see the impact it’s going to have on our industry in the long run as well.”

ecoSPIRITS closed loop service will be available in Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka from February 2022. Bars, restaurants, hotels, distributors and brands that are interested in joining the ecoSPIRITS Climate Partner Program in India can get in touch via email at or

About Third Eye Distillery

Established in 2018, Third Eye Distillery was founded by Sakshi Saigal, Rahul Mehra and Vidur Gupta with the vision of redefining the spirits landscape of the Indian market. They were the first to explore contemporary style Gins in India with their flagship spirit, Stranger & Sons, which has garnered praise and recognition across the globe. Through pioneering innovations that are built consciously, Third Eye Distillery aims to elevate the homegrown spirits market and uplift India’s cocktail culture.

About Stranger & Sons Gin

The spirit of India in a spirit from India.

Stranger & Sons is a contemporary Indian Gin, the debut spirit from Third Eye Distillery in Goa, founded in 2018 by Rahul Mehra, Sakshi Saigal and Vidur Gupta. Crafted with inherently Indian botanicals including a unique citrus peel mix and warm spices such as pepper, mace and nutmeg, they built a three-dimensional gin that is proudly Indian and true to its origin. Inspired by the country’s agricultural wealth, entrepreneurial spirit and rather wonderfully strange traditions, Stranger & Sons was launched as an Indian spirited gin created in contemporary India, a country that is diverse, nuanced and eccentric.

Starting out as early innovators in the Indian Gin category to winning awards at multiple international spirit competitions, they’ve managed to put Indian Gin on the world map and continue to work towards showcasing India’s diversity to the rest of the world!

*Currently available in Goa, Maharashtra, Delhi, Karnataka and Rajasthan within India and the United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates, internationally.

For more information, please visit

About Plantation Rum

Plantation Rums, in their instantly recognizable raffia-wrapped bottles, are served at the world’s finest tables and in the most prestigious bars. The fruit of a unique savoir-faire, they express the flavors of the terroirs of rum in fascinating expressions whose double ageing technique has become a true trademark. The Plantation range, through its originality and quality, has conquered the hearts of rum lovers around the world. Multi-awarded expressions like Stiggins’ Fancy Pineapple and Barbados XO 20th Anniversary are now classics.

For more information, please visit

ecoSPIRITS to Launch in Thailand & Vietnam, Strengthening Its Asia Pacific Network

BANGKOK 9 November 2021 ecoSPIRITS announced today that it has signed a Licensed Operator Agreement for Thailand and Vietnam with a new company formed as joint venture between Bootleggers Trading, a leading Thai craft spirits distributor, and Chalong Bay Distillery, an award-winning craft rum distillery in Phuket. The new joint venture will launch closed loop service in Thailand in January 2022, with service in Vietnam following several months later. With this latest announcement, ecoSPIRITS’ closed loop network covers the majority of Asia Pacific’s leading spirits markets. More details regarding the launch of ecoSPIRITS Vietnam will be announced in January 2022.

Home to a population of almost 70 million, Thailand is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations and a fast-rising force in Asia’s bar and cocktail community. In 2020, five Bangkok bars landed on Asia’s 50 Best Bars, including The Bamboo Bar at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, Tropic City, Backstage Cocktail Bar, Vesper and Teens of Thailand. The Thai bar community is known for its vibrant hospitality, creative use of ingredients and flavour and deep pool of talent. With a rich natural heritage made up of lush highland rainforests, ancient limestone karst formations, white sand beaches and clear blue waters, Thailand is also home to some of the world’s finest hotels and resorts. The combination of a vibrant local hospitality scene and a highly developed luxury tourism sector make Thailand a leading Southeast Asian market for premium spirits.

Benchamabophit Temple, Bangkok

Phang Nga Bay, Phuket

The Bamboo Bar, Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok

Federico Balzarini, Head Bartender, Vesper

Our hospitality industry is as beautiful as Mother Earth and ecoSPIRITS is taking care of both, minimizing waste and environmental impact. All this is accompanied by a clever design and stunning branding. If then we add the fact that the spirits available in ecoTOTE format are also delicious… Being ecofriendly has never been so easy.

Vesper in Bangkok is one of Asia’s 50 Best Bars

Philip Bischoff, Four Seasons APAC Beverage Ambassador & Beverage Manager, Four Seasons, Bangkok

I am really excited that ecoSPIRITS is officially launching in Thailand. It is incredibly important to me and to our industry that we work together to reduce waste and the C02 footprint. Having the ability to help the environment, while saving costs, is amazingly impactful and I look forward to the continued rollout of new markets and cities in the near future.

The stunning Four Seasons Bangkok at Chao Phraya River, which opened in 2020

As part of the new joint venture, two new ecoPLANTs, Serial Nos. 18 and 24, will be commissioned in Bangkok and Phuket to provide a network of closed loop service in Thailand. A third ecoPLANT is planned for Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2022.

ecoPLANT No. 018 will be located in Bangkok, Thailand

ecoPLANT No. 024 will be located in Phuket, Thailand

Founded in Bangkok in 2014 by Minway Chi, Bootleggers Trading is an importer, educator and producer of craft spirits. Bootleggers’ exclusive distribution portfolio of craft and premium spirit brands include Plantation Rum, Citadelle Gin, Ferrand Cognac, Mancino Vermouth, Widges Gin, Tried & True Vodka, Chartreuse, Kavalan Whisky and Black Tears Rum. Bootleggers will bring its lengthy experience with Thai spirits import, distribution and brand building to the new joint venture.

Minway Chi, Founder, Bootleggers Trading Co., LTD

As an importer, producer, and distributor, the Bootleggers Team sees first hand the carbon costs associated with moving spirits around the world. With no official recycling scheme available in Thailand, it falls to us as the source to also be the solution. That is why our team is proud to be a part of the ecoSPIRITS low carbon revolution, bringing quality products in an environmentally impactful way to hospitality teams throughout Thailand. That we can do this and help save costs is just the cherry on top.”

Founded in Phuket in 2012 by Thibault Spithakis and Marine Lucchini, Chalong Bay Rum is one of Southeast Asia’s best-known craft spirit producers. Blending the traditional art of French distillation with the rich sugarcane heritage of Thailand, the distillery produces a range of handcrafted rums from 100% organic, first-press Thai sugar cane using a traditional French copper still and Saneha gin. Over the years, Chalong Bay Rums have picked up a number of international awards, including Gold, Double Gold, Best in Class, or Consumer’s Choice Award at renowned international competitions. They are currently distributed in Thailand, Singapore, France and working on expanding their international presence. The distillery will host ecoPLANT No. 024 in Phuket and provide its extensive technical, production and operational expertise to ecoSPIRITS Thailand.

Thibault Spithakis, Founder, Chalong Bay Rum

Sustainability has always been the driving principle of our project and brands. Joining the closed loop system is a natural development and a great opportunity to continue and extend our effort from production to distribution. We tried to implement recycling programs collecting bottles from clients for years but it has always been very difficult to scale, and ecoSPIRITS disruptive model is clearly providing a very smart, comprehensive, and efficient system benefiting all stakeholders and society.”

Chalong Bay’s award-winning rums will be available in ecoTOTE™ format across Thailand

Paul Gabie, CEO, ecoSPIRITS

“Our expansion of closed loop service to Thailand and Vietnam strengthens our Asia Pacific network, adding two of the fastest growing spirits markets in the region. We have tremendous admiration for what Thibault and Minway and their teams have achieved in contributing to the remarkable evolution of spirits production and distribution in Thailand over the past decade. Together, we can now contribute to the next chapter of spirits innovation in the region – one that has sustainable principles at its core.”

ecoSPIRITS closed loop service will be available in Thailand from January 2022. A more detailed announcement regarding ecoSPIRITS Vietnam will be released the same month. Bars, restaurants, hotels, distributors and brands that are interested in joining the ecoSPIRITS Climate Partner Program in Thailand or Vietnam can get in touch via email at or or

About Bootleggers Trading

Bootleggers Trading was founded in 2014, as a spirits importer, producer, and educator by Minway Chi. Our team provides some of the most recognizable and most awarded independent spirits brands from around the world into the hands of Thailand’s top cocktail bars, restaurants, and specialty retailers. With a focus on quality brands and an intensive advocacy program, our team of passionate individuals helps promote and elevate the vibrant Thai cocktail and beverage industry.

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About Chalong Bay Distillery

Chalong Bay’s was born from the dream to unite two heritages and bring the French Caribbean tradition of Agricole rum distillation back to the origin of sugarcane. Their purpose is to create super premium craft spirits that are natural, authentic, with a unique Thai character, marrying traditions and craft production methods that are sustainable and respectful of the environment and the community.

All Chalong Bay expressions are created using first-press, natural sugarcane juice from 100% pure, organic, single variety Thai sugarcane that has been hand-cut and grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers by local farmers.

Their recently launched Saneha Gin is crafted following the same principles and using local ingredients and botanicals such as Phuket pineapple, ginger flower, or makwan among others.

But, more than a rum and a gin, Chalong Bay is a Spirit. They are a family that carries the spirit of care and dedication. They cherish doing things naturally and authentically, refusing to compromise on quality and sustainability while respecting their communities and environment

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