HAMILTON 28 April 2022 To mark the local launch of closed loop service in Bermuda, ecoSPIRITS and its Licensed Operator, Bermuda Gin Co., have teamed up with two iconic Bermudian brands, Goslings Rum and the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club. As part of the launch, Goslings will join the ecoSPIRITS Climate Partner Program and offer its best-selling rums in low-waste ecoTOTEformat across the island. The Hamilton Princess, Bermuda’s most storied hotel, is one of ecoSPIRITS Bermuda’s first venue partners and will offer a special celebration menu of sustainable Bermuda Gin Co. and Goslings Rum cocktails through July 2022.

Goslings is Bermuda’s oldest business and the largest exporter of a Bermuda-made product. Owned and operated by the seventh and eighth generations of the Gosling family, Goslings is a world-renown rum producer that operates Bermuda’s largest and only solar-powered spirits blending and bottling facility. As part of the new partnership, Goslings is hosting and operating ecoPLANT No. 026 on behalf of ecoSPIRITS Bermuda, acting as an expert operational partner for closed loop spirits processing for Bermuda.

ecoPLANT No. 026 is now operational in Hamilton, Bermuda

Assistant Master Blender and ecoPLANT Manager Alex Holmes at Goslings’ spirit blending and bottling facility

Goslings rums are based on family recipes and are blended by hand in Bermuda. The famed Goslings Black Seal Rum, itself from a 150-year old recipe, is the official rum of Bermuda, having long ago become synonymous with the island. Black Seal is an essential ingredient in Bermuda fish chowder and the spirit of Bermuda’s favourite cocktail, the Dark ‘n Stormy. Goslings’ Black Seal, Amber and Silver Rums will all be available in ecoTOTE format across Bermuda from the beginning of May. The transition away from traditional single use glass packaging will allow Goslings to eliminate an estimated 91.3% of the carbon footprint associated with packaging and distribution of their award-winning rums in Bermuda.

Ambrose Gosling, Managing Director, Gosling Brothers Limited

At Goslings, we are huge proponents of drinking responsibly and drinking sustainably. In 1860, we started by selling our rums directly from the barrel, with customers bringing their own bottles to fill. Then, in 1914, we began bottling our rums in champagne bottles that were reclaimed from the British Officers’ Mess. Now in 2022, we are proud to be partnering with ecoSPIRITS Bermuda to once again offer our rums in a sustainable package in an effort to reduce waste and carbon emissions.

Another Bermuda icon, the grand pastel-pink Hamilton Princess, has been a landmark on the waterfront of Bermuda’s capital city since 1885. Managed by Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, which is a subsidiary of Accor Hotels, the ‘Pink Palace’ has played host to Bermuda’s most discerning visitors for more than a century. With over 400 guest rooms, as well as a full service marina and private beach club, the hotel plays an important role in both business and leisure in Bermuda. Surrounded by lush greenery, Hamilton Princess is a short walk to downtown Hamilton. Renowned for its attentive levels of service, culinary and beverage offerings the Hamilton Princess is able to honour the fragrances and flavours of Bermuda.

Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, a landmark on the waterfront of Bermuda’s capital city since 1885

To celebrate the launch of ecoSPIRITS Bermuda, the Hamilton Princess will offer two special sustainable cocktails for the months of May, June and July: a sustainable version of the iconic Dark ‘n Stormy Cocktail with Goslings Black Seal Rum and a sustainable Bermuda Gin & Tonic with White Roof Gin from Bermuda Gin Co. For each sustainable cocktail served, ecoSPIRITS, Goslings and Bermuda Gin Co. will fund the removal of one kilogram of ocean waste from marine environments under the ecoSPIRITS Oceans Program. The collaboration is expected to remove up to two tonnes of ocean waste over the three-month launch period. The partnership builds on ecoSPIRITS’ longstanding relationship with Accor Hotels, which has included similar collaborations with Raffles Hotel Singapore and The Savoy Hotel London.

A sustainability celebration menu at the Hamilton Princess Hotel in Bermuda

Tim Morrison, General Manager, Hamilton Princess & Beach Club

As an island nation at risk from climate change and rising sea levels “The Princess” is very pleased to be the first hotel to join the ecoSPIRITS Oceans Program. By reducing the level of single use glass in our hotel this exciting collaboration embraces our commitments to the hotel’s Planet 21 sustainability program, reduces our carbon footprint, and aids in protecting beautiful beaches through the ocean waste recovery program. The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club is very proud to be leading the way with our local partners the Bermuda Gin Company and Goslings, in bringing this closed loop circular spirit technology to the island.”

Roy Fellowes, Founder, Bermuda Gin Co.

ecoSPIRITS offers a global technology solution to reduce carbon emissions and waste in the spirits distribution industry that collectively we have adapted to local resources and capabilities in Bermuda. We are proud to be the ecoSPIRITS Licensed Operator for Bermuda, and delighted to welcome Goslings to the platform as a pioneering partner. Their company’s contributions to Bermuda over the years are substantial, and they will now play an important role in shaping the future of sustainable spirits here. We look forward to seeing everyone soon for a sustainable cocktail at the beautiful Hamilton Princess.

For more information about the Hamilton Princess and for restaurant or bar reservations, please contact [email protected] or call: +1 (441) 298-2028. Brands, bars, restaurants and hotels interested in joining the ecoSPIRITS Climate Partner Program in Bermuda may contact Bermuda Gin Co. via email at [email protected] or [email protected].

About Goslings Rum

A family business for over 200 years, Goslings Rum is Bermuda’s largest export product and the only company that blends and bottles rum on the island. First sold in the United States in 1980, Goslings now exports five distinctive, award-winning rums: Goslings Black Seal Rum, Goslings Gold Seal Rum, Goslings 151 Proof Black Seal Rum, Goslings Family Reserve Old Rum, and Goslings Papa Seal Single Barrel Bermuda Rum. Goslings Stormy Ginger Beer, crafted specifically for use in the trademarked Goslings Dark ’n Stormy® cocktail, is the number-one selling ginger beer in the United States. Goslings also markets a ready-to-drink Dark ‘n Stormy® cocktail in a can. Goslings is available in all 50 US states as well as the UK, most EU countries, the Caribbean, Canada, Australia and several Asian markets.

For more information about Goslings Rum, visit www.goslingsrum.com and follow @GoslingsRum.

About Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club

Since 1885, Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, has reigned as Bermuda’s “Grande Dame” and has been a symbol of all that Bermudians hold dear—courtesy, hospitality and quality with an unequalled sense of style. An architectural treasure on Hamilton’s harbourfront for more than 130 years, the hotel continues to host royalty, world leaders and dignitaries, celebrities, business travellers and visitors from around the world. The recently renovated Hamilton Princess & Beach Club offers 400 elegant guestrooms, including 43 suites, and more than 30,000 square feet of versatile indoor and outdoor reception and meeting rooms in a peaceful paradise.

For more information, please visit www.thehamiltonprincess.com.

About Bermuda Gin Co.

Bermuda Gin Co., a local, family-owned business was established by Roy Fellowes in October 2019 with the launch of their first product, Pink House gin. White Roof, a classic London dry gin hit the local market in June 2020. Both gins are hand crafted in small batches and are unique in both taste and design. Pink House and White Roof can be found in bars, restaurants and hotels throughout Bermuda, and are available for retail purchase from many supermarkets and liquor stores on the Island. Our mission is to put Bermuda on the gin map of the world by producing locally inspired gin products to capture the spirit and uniqueness of Bermuda itself.

For more information please visit www.bermudaginco.com.

About the ecoSPIRITS Ocean Program

The ecoSPIRITS Oceans Program complements the ecoSPIRITS Forest Program for island nations that are most at risk from rising sea levels due to climate change. Highlighted by the striking blue Ocean Conservation Edition ecoTOTE, each order of an ecoTOTE by venue partners in participating islands nations funds the removal of one kilogram of single use plastic, glass and other man-made wastes from endangered, coral reefs and waters. Using Green Steps Group’s proprietary “proof of impact” technology platform, cleanup operations are verified, monitored and reported through an industry-leading digital record. Ocean waste recovery benefits the venue partners, but is jointly funded by ecoSPIRITS and our Climate Partner brands and distributors.

For more information on Green Steps Group, please visit www.greenstepsgroup.com.